Reversible Bucket Hat DIY

This Reversible Bucket Hat makes a thoughtful & practical gift for Dad, your sun-loving partner or even a special make just for you! Bonus: It has a water repellent UV rated vinyl finish.

What you need:

  • Iron & Ironing Board
  • Pencil, Scissors & Clips
  • Sewing Machine & Thread
  • Outdoor Fabric
  • Fusible Vinyl

Step 1: Iron the Fusible Vinyl to the right side of your chosen fabrics. Use Craft and Sewing Clips to trace out pattern pieces. *Note: There are cut numbers on each pattern. Ensure that half of your patterns are cut from a different fabric than the other.

Step 2: Cut out and prep the pattern pieces.

Tip: Any creases after the cutting process can be fixed with a low heat iron on the wrong side.

Step 3: Sew Head Band pieces together at 1/2” (2.55cm). Use clips to hold in place.

Step 4: Sew Hat Top to Head Band at 1/2” (2.55cm). Turn inside out and finger press seams.

Step 5: Sew Head Band BOTTOM side seams to each other at 1/2” (2.55cm). Top stitch if needed.

Step 6: Attach Hat Rim pieces together at 1/2” (2.55cm).

Step 7: Line up the Head Band seam to the middle of the Hat Rim (where the POF line was). This will be the back of the hat.

Step 8: Sew Head Band BOTTOM to Hat Rim at 1/2” (2.55cm).

Step 9: Attach, at 1/2” (2.55cm), the sewn pieces in Step 8 & Step 4. Turn one of the hats inside out.

Step 10: Top stitch the Hat Band Seam UPWARDS on one hat, and DOWNWARDS on the other. This ensures there is less bulk when the pieces are attached.

Step 11: Put the hats together and sew around the edge of the Hat Rims. Sew 1/2” (2.55cm) away from the edge. Then sew 1” (2.55cm) away from the stitch line.

Step 12: Sew Hat Rim at 1/2” (2.55cm) from the Hat Band attachment. Then sew 1” (2.55cm) away from the stitch line.

Step 13: Zig Zag stitch the edge of Hat Rim to finish your Reversible Bucket Hat.