Santa’s Mailbox DIY

Letters to Santa need a special place and with our newest DIY your mailbox will be magical! Not only will Saint Nick get happy mail, but you can keep your shelf Elf busy & out of trouble (or at least try).

What You Need

  • Medium Weight Felt
  • Glue Gun & Sticks
  • Marker & Scissors
  • Pearl Mesh Trim
  • Twisted Cords
  • Applique & Buttons

What You Do

Step 1: Cut out Mailbox patterns from Grey Medium Weight Felt. Use a marker to draw out the dotted lines from the Mailbox Side Pattern.

Step 2: Cut out two rectangles: 20.6cm (8”) x 12.5cm (5”) and 30.2cm (12”) x 12.5cm (5”).

Step 3: Cut out a hole from the larger rectangle using the Hole Template as a guide. Glue the edges of the two rectangles onto the side piece following your marker guidelines.

Step 4: Attach the second side piece to the edges of the rectangles. Be sure to follow your marker lines. Glue Mailbox Bottom to the bottom opening of your mailbox.

Step 5: Glue Mailbox Legs to the Front and Back of your Mailbox, using the side piece legs as a guide.

Step 6: Using Red & White Twisted Cord, twist them together to create a candy cane design. Glue to the side of the Mailbox for a fun, festive look.

Step 7: Optional: Decorate your Mailbox! Make this craft unique to you using appliques, buttons or pearls.

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